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We have all been directly or indirectly affected by monopolies

Sign this anti-monopoly petition if you or your business or a friend has been affected to any degree by a monopoly. Unless we the little people assert ourselves and demand changes, things will only continue to get harder for us to survive.

Where are the anti-monopoly ⁄ antitrust laws today? Monopolies are a very unhealthy economic reality today, and we are all dominated by a handful of total monopolies whether we know it or not, it's time to break some of them up.

What is your experience with monopolies? Please answer the 3 questions and then comment below and share this petition to your social media, thank you.

* Which monopoly affects you the most?
* What economic sector are you involved in?
* About what % of your livelihood is taken by monopolies?
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Business ⁄ Company ⁄ Organization ⁄ Interest Group
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Posted on: 2020-06-09

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