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Will you be Ashburn's Sponsor?

Dear Small Business Owner,

I would like to interest you in becoming a City Featured Member ⁄ Sponsor on the Entrepreneur Map.

"Be the champion of Small Business Owners in your city!"

The Entrepreneur Map provides FREE business promotion tools for individuals, small business owners & entrepreneurs everywhere. When they join, we promote in their location via social media. Here are some of the reasons why they join:

The Entrepreneur Map is in start-up phase, therefore we are seeking City Featured Member ⁄ Sponsor's that will help grow the scope and reach of our services for the benefit of current & future members. Membership and web traffic is steadily growing, with your sponsorship we will be able to allocate more time and marketing effort to your City and it's members.

Sponsorship Information:

City Featured Member ⁄ Sponsor includes the Premium Business Promotion service in addition to the home page Featured Banner displayed to all visitors within your city radius. A visitor tracking page to monitor visits, and your sponsored by link in all social media posts. Sponsors are actively promoted every day!

Sponsor Your City!

A one time setup cost of $240 or *$360 which includes your 1st month service, then:
$120 per month for a 10 mile radius small town reach.
$150 per month for a 15 mile radius town reach.
$180 per month for a 20 mile radius city reach.
$240 per month for a 30 mile radius **large city reach.
*$360 per month for a 50 mile radius **regional reach.
*$640 per month for a 100 mile radius **large regional reach.

**If available. You can have your Main Banner and Featured Banner edited once a month. 25% discount on additional sponsored cities.

*Please visit the Entrepreneur Map to view the Premium Business Promotion service listed under the 'Info - Services' tab.
**You can also preview the city radius areas under the City Featured Member ⁄ Sponsor section.

Any questions or suggestions regarding our sponsorship opportunity will be greatly appreciated.

"Thank you for your time and sponsorship consideration."

Regards, Justin Grounds.
Creator & Sole Proprietor