Free Digital Marketing Audit Tool

A tool for small business owners and marketeers to gauge the overall digital marketing readiness level of their web properties.

Discover your digital marketing readiness score

1. Your website status?
Is a mobile first ⁄ fast loading website
Is a basic website
No website yet
2. You have a Google My Business page?
Yes   No
3. You have a Bing places for business page?
Yes   No
4. You have a Linkedin business page?
Yes   No
5. You have a Facebook business page?
Yes   No
6. You have posted banner ads on social media platforms?
Yes   No
7. You have posted specials on social media platforms?
Yes   No
8. You are generating reviews on social media platforms?
Yes   No
9. You have posted video on social media platforms?
Yes   No
10. Your currently posted business and contact information?
Is accurate and identical on all your web properties
You're not sure if it is accurate and identical
You know its not accurate and identical
11. Your current SEO efforts on all your web entities?
You pay close attention to and highly value SEO
You do a little SEO here and there
No SEO done yet
12. Your social media marketing habits and engagement?
You regularly post ⁄ update and engage on social media
You just post and leave it or you auto post
You have little or no engagement
13. The online content you create and post?
Is 100% original, authentic, concise and relevant
Is fairly original, a little wordy with keyword stuffing
Its basically hacked and recycled content
strength : moderate

These are mostly fairly simple and free to fix issues, that if implemented corectly will greatly improve your SEO signature, build your online authority and increase your Google page rank. They exclude any paid marketing methods.

More advanced methods for boosting your digital marketing readiness

Successful digital marketing really only requires two critical things. The first is high web traffic, which in turn requires your online content to be search engine friendly by providing original and relevant content in answer to search queries. The second is quality backlinks from high ranking authoritative websites which are very helpful in boosting your Google page rank by lending authority to your content. Check out the free online tools, tips and resources for improving your SEO and Google page ranking in this Search Engine Optimization article. A third important factor to work on are good reviews from genuine and established sources.

To build a solid digital marketing base for your business takes time and effort. Lasting value and success requires this investment. Join our entrepreneur network to boost your online presence, connect with other business owners and expand your market reach.

Feel free to link to this page if you find this tool useful for yourself or for your audience. If you would like to develop a scoring tool like this one for your own purpose, please contact us via the home page.

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