Building an Entrepreneur Networking platform

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners,

The Entrepreneur Map aims to build a network where engaged entrepreneurs can support one another and build their businesses locally and globally.

"Join our network to connect, promote, share and expand your online market reach!"

We use your geolocation and the Google Maps API to help connect you with potential clients, customers or business partners in your area. You can also search the planet for entrepreneurs that you would like to network with for any reason, whether it be business, advice, research or encouragement.

Our information menu list the many ways you can promote yourself on our platform, and the ways in which we personally promote our members. There are also optional paid services that help cover our costs. New features are in development and we are constantly looking for new and better ways to grow and refine our services for the success of all our members.

Unlike the giant social network sites, there is no facility to auto post to our site, so although we have far less internet traffic, the traffic and stats we do have are real and not vanity metrics. Our visitors are mostly comprised of fellow small business owners and therefore represent quality leads and networking opportunities for our members.

The Entrepreneur Map is growing organically and steadily, therefore we welcome any partnership ideas or offers that would be mutually beneficial. Any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome as we are not the experts here, we simply attempt to make it easier for new and seasoned business professionals to promote their goods and services.

Small business is the backbone of the economy and our communities, let's support one another and reap the benefits of networking our resources. Anyone with a legitimate business, startup, organization or entrepreneurial venture is welcome to join. All that we ask of our members is that they are willing to network, be open to other members, and share our free service and our members posts via their social media from time to time. A Twitter retweet, a Facebook like or review and a LinkedIn comment all make a difference in the social media marketing world, and also in boosting the SEO of our digital network which results in more visits to all our members posts.

"Join and enjoy free publicity today and into the future"

Consider becoming one of our Small Business Resources.

Please share our Entrepreneur Sponsors page with any promoter of small business that you may know, thank you.

Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Administrator

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