Main Features

Add Your Banner Ad

Entrepreneur BannerAfter you join, login and add your Banner via your Admin Menu. Your banner ad is a virtual billboard that is highly visible to all visitors in your location.

You can edit and update your banner ad and specials at any time.

Add Your Specials

Entrepreneur SpecialsYou can easily post your current Specials, offers, news, event or announcement via the Specials menu item under your Admin Menu. Your specials are viewable via a link in the members scrolling windows and also in your info window.

Specials are a quick and easy way for others to contact you!

Get Reviews

Entrepreneur ReviewsYou can also add or allow Reviews. Reviews are critical in client decisions and your business reputation.

Add Your Posts

Entrepreneur PostsPosts are viewable on your Entrepreneur Profile page and also on members admin pages, replies to your posts are private to you and the member who contacts you. Add your posts via your Admin Menu and view and respond to other member posts there.

If members have alerts enabled, you can invite them to view your posts on your admin page. These will be listed under the Invitations menu item.

Create A Private Network

Private NetworksCreate your own private network using the Networks menu item under your Admin Menu. Then invite other members and non-members who you think will be interested in joining.

Update your networks news to keep members informed. This feature helps build membership and potential contacts for all our members.

Visit our Private Networks page for more info.

Other Features

You can edit and update all your information via your Admin Menu, add your social media page links and YouTube video and change your password. You can deactivate or delete your profile at any time. If you have any issues please use the help desk.

Join our entrepreneur network, get your