Marketing Your Business Is Easy

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners,

I do hope that you appreciate a little sarcasm and understatement. Indeed, marketing your business can be as simple and affordable or as complicated and expensive as you desire it to be.

Marketing your business is as easy or as difficult as you want it to be

Firstly let me state that I am not a qualified or experienced marketing guru. However, after a number of years working with marketing departments and agencies as a web-developer I do have some take-aways on the subject.

Marketing and advertising like all other modern endeavors becomes more technical, diverse, evolved and crowded by the minute. One feels that only an expert has any real grip on what to do and what is best for your product or service. Bottomline is that to get your name, brand, product or service out there is a very expensive and convoluted process.

You have multiple, crowded channels to leverage and as many techniques to choose from, it's overwhelming to say the least. There are so many options that one might as well take pot shots and see what results one gets, which is often the trial and error or A ⁄ B testing approach employed. The target is constantly shifting and the audience is often fickle, demanding or unforgiving.

Print media campaigns morphed online as digital media campaigns and then into social media and now influencer marketing campaigns. According to Influencer Marketing Hub 320 new influencer marketing platforms and agencies came online in 2018 alone, that's just one channel. Ideally one needs to tap into all these branches of the marketing tree to see fruit. One is advised that one should also have all your social media pages in a row and updated regularly, as well as you need to start producing video yesterday already, if you are not comfortable behind a camera you are at a big disadvantage.

If you are a sole proprietor, mom and pop store or a small business with a small marketing budget, these online marketing staples can become very burdensome and time consuming to maintain. And the real value of some platforms is debatable, see this article on the state of social media marketing today.

There is a simpler and easier way to market your business

Going back to basics like asking for referrals and word of mouth, reaching out to one prospect at a time, slow and steady wins the race. Any long-lasting business offering value and operating with integrity mostly always grows at a natural steady rate. One can explode into the public psyche overnight if you have a million dollars and a whiz-bang marketing team, however do you remember any of those companies or products a little later on. Gimmicks, hype, sex-appeal and vanity metrics only get you so far down the road to success.

Our solution is to build virtual villages where entrepreneurs and small business owners can authentically network, promote, deal and trade with one another resulting in mutual growth, reciprocity and prosperity. We provide a few necessary tools for advertising, promoting and networking. i.e. knocking on one virtual door at a time. Join us and then discover and network with other entrepreneurs and small business owners in your location and around the world.

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Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

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