Is your own private network what you really need?

Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners,

Build your own virtual village one complimentary business or individual at a time, where people sharing your interests can support one another and prosper together.

Create a private network and build your virtual village

Members now have the opportunity to create their own private network and invite members and non-members to join in order to support one another socially and economically. It's a way to invest in your community and generate real engagement.

This feature is for individuals who want to create a network for those who share your business or recreational interests, vision, ideals or whatever you consider of mutual importance, whilst insuring privacy. In a nutshell, our platform treats you like an adult and a free responsible agent.

When you create your network, only invited members are privy to all the other members network messages if they choose to view them. After the initial contact is made by joining the network, all further personal communications between members are done off-platform via the members own email clients. Therefore no communications are captured and stored and thus privacy is preserved and your business remains your business.

This feature is not intended to encourage criminal or offensive activity, but rather to reinforce the premise that your private business is not the platforms business. We trust that all who use this feature will show one another mutual respect and reciprocity, and not indulge in or foster criminal activity of any kind. Being a member of a private network also negates enduring childish or hateful comments by trolls as your communications are off platform.

Privacy, freedom of expression and freedom of association is still a fundamental right

A secondary and important reason to use this feature, is that it will help generate traffic to our site which benefits all members. There are many individuals, small businesses and organizations that struggle to get adequate organic traffic to their sites due to being flagged, siloed or shadow banned and often for obscure reasons with no warning or specific explanation given, as these actions are triggered by impersonal algorithms. And jumping through Googles SEO hoops to get ranked and noticed is a long and complex process that most small business owners simply cannot afford.

Another cyberworld development to take seriously is the fact that the big sophisticated search engines and social networks are actively deciding which pool or silo you belong in, you are then being fed what they believe is the best and most relative content for you. Therefore there are potential new contacts and clients that you will never meet as they are being filtered out as irrelevant or unsuitable and therfore not reflected in your customized newsfeed or search results, this being all for your own good of course. Do you want to live in a virtual bubble tailored just for you by a mindless, emotionless AI algorithm that lacks all human wonder, innuendo and subtlety. If you care about this increasingly controlling trend in technology, then help fellow principled people who still value personal freedom of thought and association and share this page with them.

China has already implemented a social score system where those who score low can be punished or barred from basic livelihood necessities making them societal outcasts. Some companies now require your social media activity records for job hiring, what is coming next does not take much imagination. The fact is that ordinary citizens are being viewed more and more as the property of the state and of elite interest groups like the giant corporations where you are the product. If we don't push back against this trend then we have only our own passivity to blame when our online world gets more compartmentalized and limited.

Join our digital marketing network and then login to your admin page and create your private network to support the people and interests that you care about. Use the helpdesk if you have any issues or questions. The other features that our platform offers can be used by your network members to attract new clients and offer their services to others, this builds mutual support, encouragement and prosperity.

In a nutshell, private networking is a way to put your money and your vote where your mouth is by supporting like-minded individuals and their livelihoods. We often complain about monopolies and big media channels dictating the agenda and tone, but then go ahead and patronize them with our spending and viewing habits, let's change this bad habit and use the alternative platforms and channels available.

Team up with and sponsor those whose interests and values you agree with and help build a more sane future for the generations to come.

Do you AGREE or do you DISAGREE with the above observations?

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Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

Addendum: Our service is no respector of persons, all are welcome to use it. All we ask is that you adhere to our core networking tenant of showing mutual respect with authenticity, sincerity and reciprocation.

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