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Small Business Resources Wanted

Dear Business Professional,

Do you care about the existential plight of small business owners competing with the giant corporations? Are you struggling to get internet traffic to your web properties and a decent ROI from your digital marketing efforts? Together we can do better, our entrepreneur network is seeking quality small business resources.

Our members need your services, advice, experience and expertise

The Entrepreneur Map provides promotional tools for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, enterprising individuals, startups and small business owners everywhere. Boost your own business and help promote small business by making your services, experience and expertise available to our members. We welcome all business related professionals, bloggers, podcasters, trainers, mentors and coaches to join us.

There is no cost to join and this is what you get:

  • Personal ongoing promotion for your business.
  • Exposure to local entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • Networking opportunites with other entrepreneurs locally and globally.
  • Be listed and promoted as one of our small business resources.
  • Be a champion of small business owners everywhere.
  • Have your demo, intro or promotional video or YouTube featured.
  • Get profile views and website visits from real small business owners.
  • Real metrics, no bots, fake users or auto posting on our platform.
  • A quality SEO boosting reciprocal backlink opportunity.

Our membership and web traffic is growing steadily and organically, with your contribution we can grow our entrepreneur network and help local small business flourish again. Together we can counter the Walmart and Amazon effect in our towns and cities.

We are looking for reciprocal backlinking opportunities with professional and established small business services type companies. A backlink relationship that will mutually benefit both of our websites, resulting in improved SEO, page authority and Google page ranking. We are up against the heavyweights with huge marketing budgets, let's join forces and prosper together.

Working together we can expand our market reach and prosper

All feedback is welcome. If you require further information before joining, please contact us via the home page. Let us know how we can better serve your digital marketing efforts.

Please share this page with anyone that you think would be interested in becoming one of our valued small business resources, thank you.

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Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

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