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For small business owners and enrepreneurs everywhere,

It must first be stated that the giant media companies are very effective marketing platforms if you pay for their services. However, apart from their costly paid services, there is nothing social about them when it comes to attempting to promote one's business on these platforms, the user experience can be just the opposite. The giants were once platforms of unparalleled social interaction and powerful, free resources for individuals and small business owners wanting to connect, promote and share with each other.

How have sophisticated tools and millions of users (many fake) boosted your marketing efforts?

Over the last few years many media giants have become increasingly patronizing, restrictive, dictatorial and micro-managing in the treatment of their users and members. Anyone with a legitimate business or venture who attempts to use them for marketing their services or publishing their ideas knows first-hand how arbitrary, inaccurate and censorary social media governing algorithms can be. The resulting frustration in getting any regress and the confusion in exactly what one can or can't post or say is growing. Ambiguous words or phrases read in the wrong context or sentence structure can trigger policy violation alerts that lead to censure and oftentimes even banning. Who really needs a mindless and emotionally devoid algorithm or machine learning AI script deciding what you have said, what you have meant, and what acceptable views you should hold or express.

Here is a short list of how our marketing platform differs from the giants:

  • We don't track you and manipulate you.
  • We don't collect your data in order to sell it.
  • We don't try to waste your time by keeping you busy on our platform.
  • We're not trying to read your mind and determine your actions.
  • We don't abuse the fact that we are a total monopoly.
  • We don't make the scandal headlines every 2 weeks.
  • We don't hype our vanity metrics all day long.
  • We don't have millions of fake users.
  • We're not trying to transform the world into our image.
  • We don't have a political agenda.
  • We don't silo, time out or ban you because you don't fit our mold.
  • We don't carry out sociopolitical experiments on you.
  • Our platform has one purpose which is small business promotion.
  • We work on the pretext of mutual respect.
  • We treat you like a human being.
  • We can actually be contacted.
  • We have real members and real numbers.

Do you AGREE or do you DISAGREE with the bullet points above?

As already mentioned, the social media giants had their day being the killer apps for social networking and sharing. Millions will obviously continue to use them in spite of there ongoing failures at data protection and user manipulation. Some people just don't value their privacy or their data to the degree where these failures bother them enough to look elsewhere for less intrusive marketing tools, so be it. Indeed, our online habits are hard to break, especially when they appear to be yielding results albeit very skewed results at a closer look, this is a real catch 22 situation.

Having built and administered an online marketing platform myself, I must say in the defence of the giant media platforms that users and certain sectors of the public are very imaginitive and industrous in their ability and determination to game, hack and abuse platforms to their own perceived advantage. Thus the crack-down and blanket banning of certain activities. If these censure techniques were much more accurate they would be much more welcome. The problem lies in the growing trend of the platforms themselves developing a particular world-view or narrative that then provokes those who differ. In terms of traffic and user time spent mindlessly scrolling, the platforms benefit greatly from the resulting unhealthy war of words, memes and fake news. Therefore being nuetral and remaining fair and balanced is very challenging. The platform then truly does become a portal to a specific universe. If this is by design or evolution only they can tell.

These giant portals still have their use cases and as stated already, their paid services can be very effective if understood and used properly. However, for the individual, startup or solopreneur just getting going their effectiveness is dwindling due to the growing number of fake users and spammy businesses and posts crowding out the legitimate ones. It appears that for all the high-tech and far reach of these platforms, they have yet to win this battle of filtering out the garbage content whilst leaving the genuine untouched. Smaller platforms only have this spam issue to a tiny degree due to their smaller audience, and thus the incentive and reward for abusing the platform is much lower.

Pages could be filled documenting the failures of big tech companies to look after their users, a week doesn't go by when one of these corporations is not in the news for a breech of public trust or borderline fraudulent activity. They consider themselves too big to fail and these little public relations tiffs feel like water off a duck's back to them. With their current track record of user neglect, what does the future hold as the evermore intrusive targeting technologies employed continue to evolve. These are no longer social media companies, they are intelligence gathering agencies. Maybe a simple retro alternative is making more sense as the days go by, akin to taking back your privacy or taking your data off grid, or more accurately out of the matrix.

What would a post giant marketing platform look like? And as far as social media marketing is concerned, what effective alternative marketing platforms are there? There are likely a good few simpler, smaller, niche platforms and web services out there waiting to be found and supported, unfortunately many have given up trying to compete for market share or have themselves been swallowed up by the giants. One can probably find them on page 4 or 5 of Google search results.

If you are a friend of small is beautiful, niche markets, personal endeavor, authenticity, individualism and appreciate being treated like a human being and not just a consumer or a product, then please use our platform and those like it and share them with like-minded people. Our single-minded platform has only one purpose which is the promotion of authentic small business owners and entrepreneurs. We hope for the day when good ideas and wholesome digital content will go viral again.

All feedback is welcome. If you require further information before joining use the contact form on the home page. Let us know how we can better serve your small business.

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Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

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