Small Business Promotion Tools

Banner Ad

Entrepreneur Banner AdAfter you join, login and add your Banner Ad via your Admin Menu. Your banner ad is a highly visible virtual billboard that is seen by all visitors in your location and on the home page.

You can easily edit, refresh or deactivate your banner ad, specials, news, reviews and posts at any time. Easily share it to your social media and allow comments to capture feedback and gauge interest.


Entrepreneur SpecialsYou can easily post your current Specials, offers, news, event or announcement via the Specials menu item under your Admin Menu. Your specials are viewable via a link in the members scrolling windows and also in your info window.

Specials are an easy way to attract attention and generate publicity. Easily share it to your social media and allow comments to capture feedback and gauge interest.


Entrepreneur ReviewsYou can also add or allow Reviews. Reviews are critical in client decisions and to build your business reputation.


Entrepreneur PostsPosts are viewable on your Entrepreneur Profile page and on members admin pages. Replies to your posts are private to you and the member who contacts you. Add your posts via your Admin Menu and view and respond to members posts there.

If members have alerts enabled, you can invite them to view your posts on your admin page. These will be listed under the Invitations menu item.


Entrepreneur MessagesEasily message other members, they can either reply to you via their admin or via message notification emails if enabled. Select your preferences in your admin.


Entrepreneur NewsMembers can add your News article, blog, story, update or press release. Share it via social media or send it as an html formatted email. It can also be viewed and shared as a stand alone web page. Allow comments to capture feedback and gauge interest. If it is network relevant we will eblast it to members.

Add a description and keywords when you add your news, they are inserted into markup to boost SEO and enable Google snippet results.


Anyone can publish Articles using the admin icon on all our article pages. Publishing is free and it can cover any topic as we are a free thinking network. Allow comments and easily share your articles to social media. You can edit, refresh, deactivate or delete it on the article page.

Add a description and keywords when you create an article, they are inserted into markup to boost SEO and enable Google snippet results.

Private Networks

Private NetworksCreate your own private network ⁄ virtual village using the Networks item under Admin. Invite members and non-members to join and start supporting one another.

Update your network news to keep members informed and to get feedback and foster engagement. Truly private with no tracking or reporting.

View the Private Networks article for more info.

Ask or Offer

Ask or OfferYou can easily ask a question or send an offer to fellow members with just a couple of clicks. Your question or offer will be saved for repeat use during your admin browser session.

Local Promotions

Anyone can easily post their Local Promotions and share them to their social media, it's free and no sign-up is required. Add an optional 30-40 second video about your promotion or your business. Easily share them to your social media and allow comments to capture feedback and gauge interest.


Entrepreneur VideosAdd a YouTube video that compliments your business or venture. Also upload a short intro, demo or promotional video to attract greater exposure. Video formats can be mov, mp4, 3gp, webm, ogg or wmv. Simply overwrite it with a new one when needed.


Using our business promotion tools is a good start for getting publicity for your business or venture. However, the real value will be in engaging and networking with other members so that they remember you when they next need your product or service, and visa versa. Let's support small business owners and help keep our local economy healthy, this is our primary Vision.

Digital Marketing Audit Tool

Find your overall digital marketing readiness score. Use our audit tool to improve your digital marketing efforts. Entrepreneur Digital Marketing Audit tool.

Entrepreneur Profile

All public facing features listed above are also viewable on your auto generated, fast loading, mobile first, SEO optimized Entrepreneur Profile single page application (SPA). It is a mini website that when linked to generates more quality web traffic to your listing and other web properties like social media pages.

To enjoy the optimal performance of your Entrepreneur Profile it is important to complete your profile via admin, and utilize as many of the tool features above as possible. Sharing your profile is more effective if it is more complete.

Your auto generated Entrepreneur Profile feature above is reason enough to join our network. It's a Linkedin profile and Facebook page rolled into one that includes a Google Maps search feature.

You can edit and update all your business information via your Admin Menu. Add social media page links and change your password. Indicate if you are willing to barter, trade or negotiate and if you offer discounts to invite conversation. You can deactivate or delete your profile at any time. If you have any issues please use the help desk.

Join our entrepreneur digital marketing network.