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Universal Basic Income UBI Now

Here are 3 very real near-term scenarios: war, anarchy or UBI

The ever widening wealth gap, AI replacing blue and white collar jobs, increasing automation, total monopolies, economic wars, pandemics, natural disasters, warmongering, fearmongering, social engineering, political gamesmanship, bs jobs, systemic corruption, irrational markets, fake numbers, winner takes all mentality, billionaires know best, race to the bottom ⁄ zero sum game market speculation and crass selfishness and stupidity.

How many more insane symptoms do we need to suffer in order to realize that our current consumer driven economic system is now obsolete and dying a slow and painful death? Any way you look at things, our current economic paradigms are failing world-wide. UBI is one workable remedy to avoid the coming total economic collapse and the ensuing social despair and anarchy that it will guarantee. There are many sensible UBI models to explore, we don't lack the knowhow, we lack the political will.

Printing more debt and bailing out too big to fail corporations and other government cronies is not a sustainable solution every time some natural or manufactured event triggers an economic melt-down or major social revolt. Debt forgiveness and UBI are real remedies and they need to be publicized, explored further and then implemented to avoid more job losses and social break-down. If the above symptoms don't affect you yet, they soon will. We need to get people talking about what is vitally important for all of us.

Please note: These surveys obviously only touch on the subjects presented, they are intended to increase awareness and provoke grass roots action whilst the powers that be play their self-serving games. Answer the 3 questions and comment below and please share this page to your social media, thank you.

* Do you think that UBI will be necessary in the near future?
* Do you consider UBI to be anti capitalist and pro socialist?
* What expenses would a $1000/month UBI cover for you?
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Posted on: 2020-06-10

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