Why Alternative Media Platforms

soapbox is a platform where you can express your opinions, share your views and ask questions without interference.

Why it is important to use and support alternative media platforms that still value the individual. Below are a few good reasons why they need your support:

  • We need variety and truly diverse points of view to have a healthy society.
  • The giant platforms have become very narrow and biased in their outlook and their government.
  • We now live in micro-managed information bubbles whether we know it or not.
  • There are very few platforms left where you can really express yourself freely.
  • Your posts are strained through AI and human filters to see if they are fit for public consumption.
  • The cost of getting heard on the internet is now prohibitive for most individuals.
  • Search engines and mainstream news and media outlets decide what you see and hear.
  • Fundamentally your right to freedom of expression and association is monitored.
  • Giant media companies track your every move and spy on you even after leaving their apps.
  • The internet IS NOT a level playing field of discovery, knowledge and sharing for all.
  • Many popular "alternative platforms" have now morphed into ad revenue driven control grids.
  • The proliferation of obviously staged and made to fit an agenda news items and content.
  • Specific purpose "viral" stories and events, conditioning you to accept what is now popular.
  • Shallow news sound bites that distract you from important issues whilst pretending to inform.
  • The online public domain is no longer open to the entire public.

If you are aware of these restrictive and anti-social trends, then you should be very concerned for all self-determination loving people everywhere and especially for your kids and future generations.

Why do we have these anti-individual symptoms listed above. The primary answer is the megalomania and greed of those in the social control businesses such as politics and the big data or information companies, who all employ propagandized marketing techniques to mold and conform the public into consumer driven data points for the sake of monetizing our attention and time.

Another obvious answer would be that the raw power and potential of the internet is the perfect target for individuals looking to control the narratives and thus the thoughts of the masses, i.e. public control by social engineers for ego and profit, as in billionaires know what is best for us "ordinary" people.

Unless we wake up to how the internet has been annexed by a handful of big tech companies backed by anti-democratic ideologists with deep pockets, our information bubbles will get smaller and more stuffy by the day. We can all see how the major news channels have become sound bite mouthpieces for very specific socio-political agendas. Where is there in depth fair and balanced journalism today?

A perfect example of how big tech micro-manages your online success is the ever-evolving Google search algorithm. You can even subscribe to Googles "Think with Google" newsletter where you are regularly advised (read told) on how to think the way Google wants you to think if you are to have any chance of success with your SEO efforts. Hopefully you get the full significance of this situation as Google controls 95% of all search.

All the popular news, TV and media outlets have one purpose and that is to entertain you to death. The end of self-deterministic individuals is the goal, the desired individual is the other directed one with shallow group think ability. Let the elite do the heavy lifting for you, kick back and relax as they smooth life's ride for you.

Unfortunately many originally alternative channels have now become just as restrictive. They have also become single minded in their worldview and actively censor content and contributors in line with the mainstream PC dictates.

These alternative channels are now peppered with pseudo counter-culture rockstars that give the illusion of active debate and options to the mainstream narratives. Many famous talking head YouTube podcasters demonstrate this fact very lucidly, their loosely knit ideal is to become an alternative elite of experts that we the masses can tune into. Attracting followers and eyeballs that generate ad spend kick-back on their channels is the other main ideal for them.

Tempting is it not, to let the designated experts tackle the messy and dangerous and challenging things in your life. If the Covid-19 pandemic and economic collapse has taught us anything at all, it is that the powers that be are all clueless when stuff hits the fan.

If we as aware and free thinking individuals do not proactively engage the enemy at the gate, then we only have ourselves to blame when we find ourselves totally locked out of the public debate with no means to influence it or anything else. If you can't do anything on your own, then help and support the individuals, platforms and services that are countering these trends and striving to preserve variety and true freedom of choice in the public domain.

soapbox practices true diversity where everyone has a place to express their views, share their opinions and ask questions on all subjects. We don't have "clever" algorithms flagging what are often taken out of context words and terms, and we are not your thought police.

Please share this article and soapbox with those who value freedom of expression and keeping the public forum open to all ideas. If you know of useful resources that compliment our ideas, put them in the comments below and we will promote them.

Regards, Justin Grounds.

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