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Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners,

This article describes the type of member we seek in order to grow a valuable and enduring network of small business owners. Those who recognize the need and importance in supporting one another in business and in life and our goal of building healthy and robust virtual villages.

A network for those serious about supporting local small business.

The success criteria we encourage our members to cultivate in their business and social networking interactions:

  • Being aware of the plight of small businesses to survive where giant big box stores are choking their livelihood.
  • Conscious of the Walmart and Amazon monopoly effect, and recognize their existential threat to small businesses.
  • For the reason above, you seek to shop small and shop local whenever you can.
  • We have this situation due to convenience and saving a buck, is it really a saving though.
  • You want to grow your legitimate, principal business and not some optional side hustle gig.
  • You appreciate the entrepreneur in others and desire to foster mutual success with them.
  • You've been around the block and know that anything of lasting value takes time and effort.
  • This is not a platform for spamming and low quality posting dumps like many platforms have become.
  • It's a platform for forging authentic, ongoing business and social relationships.
  • Admin doesn't constantly message you to keep you distracted and busy on our platform like others do. For this reason please keep alerts enabled as they are relevant and infrequent.
  • You're no longer duped by false stats, vanity metrics, bot traffic, staged success, empty promises, fake users and other shifty digital marketing bs.
  • To sum up, you wish to authentically network, promote, deal and trade with members resulting in mutual growth, reciprocity and prosperity.
  • The more engagement you sow, the more engagement and results you reap.

The above basic business protocols and ethics should be self-evident and universal, in some parallel universe maybe. The trend is that the integrity of the vast majority has hit an all time low due to the creeping shallow and fake side-effects of social media, take emojies for example. We're endeavoring to build a network that offers real value to real people and it's proving to be a challenge.

Initially the network was open to all and sundry, the belief being that genuine entrepreneurs would see the value of joining, use the marketing tools available and invite other small business owners to join and build together. Gaining the attention of such entrepreneurs and business owners is difficult, especially as we do not have millions to spend on advertising and they are very busy running their businesses.

Let's be real, today the world is full of desperado's who will say anything and do anything to make a sale. Online behavior has plummeted to record depths with little or no respect for basic manners and etiquette or adult conversation and debate. It would appear that most people today don't even see a need for such things and act as if everyone is their long-lost pal. For the majority today life is all about taking care of number one at any cost.

The world is my oyster is their mantra, the internet was built with their personal needs in mind and millions of dollars were spent building online services, networks and platforms just so they can blast their opinions and blurt their self-centered demands. The mainstream media encourages this narcissistic behavior as it helps maintain the mindless consumer drone culture that drives the consumer economy. I admin 80+ Facebook Groups and estimate that now at least 70% are either false profiles or hucksters and hustlers of sorts. The genuine stuff is buried deep under a mountain of garbage, why bother.

We are all aware of this relational decline and the mutual disrespect that is rampant on social platforms. If this article resonates with anyone then at least we can keep each other honest and that is a small victory. There are a minority of people out there who still exhibit integrity and ultimately that is what life is all about. Lets work on bringing the best out of ourselves and others.

The arrested development zeitgeist of the age is self-worship, self-entitlement, truth is perception, billionaires know best and the universe is your personal butler. We can all clearly see the arrested development thanks to this attitude. We all have these anti-social characters lurking within us, adulthood means denying their role and rule within us.

Some giant platforms have become garbage dumps, people will use and abuse them in ways the creators could not imagine or anticipate. They now spend great effort and expense filtering out garbage and combatting spam, bots and diverse abuse. Initially pandering to users bad behavior has not paid off, it has devalued the platforms and left them the haunt of scavengers, predators and bad players. Advertising dollars spent on such platforms are essentially thrown down the drain. Hacking, malware and ransomware have become national pastimes.

Free and effective marketing opportunities have become scarce. Our platform does not have the above problems, however it needs the help of its members to keep it honest and to stay relevant as an effective marketing tool and true networking platform.

If you have been impacted by these negative trends and are seeking something more solid, then please join us and invite other real small business owners you know to join. With enough genuine members we can get something of real and lasting value built, it takes a village indeed.

All constructive feedback and comments are welcome, let us know how we can better serve small business. If you require further information before joining use the contact form on the home page.

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Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

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