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Why Our Marketing Platform

Dear Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner,

Simple time-tested old-fashioned networking and word of mouth still work best.

A plethora of sophisticated tools and millions of users does not equal success for you! Stop wasting your time.

It's time to get real about social media marketing, unless you pay for expensive targeted ads you get negligible results. Here are the reasons why big platforms are wasting your time and money:

Below are just a few well-earned albeit sarcastic observations when it comes to how we are manipulated and patronized on social media platforms:

  • Vanity metrics! We should know the true value of them by now.
  • "Congratulations, your post received 1000 impressions" ...and what then.
  • "Good job ...your last post got 150 views and 15 likes" ...and what then.
  • "Well done ...keep up the good work" ...we just love being patronized by algorithms.
  • You receive emails everyday informing you that your community has grown and would you like to recommend someone you don't know from Adam.
  • You posted in a group with over 1 million professional members and got zero response.
  • You commented on a discussion and all you got was a snarky retort from a juvenile moderator or self-appointed expert.
  • You asked a question and all you got was cryptic clues as to why your question is not suitable or structured correctly.
  • You answered a question and all you got was emails saying the question or answer was up or down voted.
  • You join a Q ⁄ A platform where half your questions and answers violate their standards with no specific reason given.
  • You posted and where flagged for suspicious behavior with no given explanation.
  • You were put in time out because you felt you had to spam the page to get attention.
  • Your video was flagged or siloed because it contained a perceived offensive word or term.
  • Your infographic was immediately buried under hundreds of similar ones.
  • Your post was approved 2 weeks later and is now 1 mile down the eternal scrolling post list.
  • We constantly post to groups that we would not pay to post in. ...if not valued, why post?
  • You are banned or shadow banned because your time held values are now politically incorrect and outdated.
  • How many times will we overlook the scandals and lies that giant media companies are regularly caught up in.
  • You learn that the majority of the reviews turned out to be fake or bought.
  • You've followed all your marketing gurus dictates.'re almost there now, keep going.
  • You've jumped through the countless mandatory SEO hoops. must have missed a step.
  • Content marketing, interactive content, omnichannel marketing, influencer marketing, programmatic advertising, chatbots, conversational marketing, video marketing, visual search, micro-moments, voice search & smart speakers, social media stories, social commerce & shoppable posts and countless other marketing must have's.'re spoilt for choice.
  • We haven't mentioned bots, fake users and AI's plans for us yet, the list goes on.

We've been had! We've been trained to run scripted routines like robots. We the users (the used) are the product, we get to play with their sophisticated toys for free and they then track, sell, juggle and disperse our information, it's a most convenient relationship. If it wasn't for the time and effort spent on these futile pursuits it would be amusing, it's literally the idiots guide to wasting time doing social media marketing.

These are all for profit shareheld companies, and as we should well know in this day and age that gross exaggeration, faking it until you make it, and all methods of deception and manipulation are readily employed to control and herd us in order to make the sale of our data. We must pay twice to play, first we pay with our time and personal data, and then we must pay again to get real results with targeted advertising.

As the builder of the Entrepreneur Map I've spent more time than I ever wanted to inspecting social media platforms for their usability and value in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs increase their online visibility. The bottom line is that the ROI from the countless hours spent marketing yourself on these platforms is most definitely on the side of the platforms.

What to do then, what alternatives are there? If you still value quantity and vanity metrics over quality and real stats, then there are none. Otherwise, good old-fashioned networking and word of mouth still work best, our simple platform is a compliment to this activity. It's somewhere you can point new and old contacts to view your offerings online. Anything of value takes time and effort, the lie is that you will be successful simply by having fun on social networks, how has that worked out for you thus far. Unless you network, share and interact with real peole in a polite and honest manner, your efforts will yield little reward. Join our simple network and start building real relationships one person at a time.

All feedback is welcome. If you require further information before joining use the contact form on the home page. Let us know how we can better serve your small business.

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Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

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