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Member: Justin Grounds
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2020 Year of Jubilee Survey

Standing together we can make 2020 a Year of Jubilee

The Coronavirus pandemic along with the long overdue financial markets correction ⁄ crash with the resulting economic melt-down demands nothing short of debt forgiveness.

We're simply asking that governments, economic policy makers, technocrats, captains of industry and big banks do the right thing for everyone and not just for the too big to fail club. Bailouts, printing money and increasing debt from cheap borrowing exacerbates the crisis and kicks the can down the road.

Personally I propose a very reasonable 10% debt forgiveness per month as long as the crisis lasts, most importantly for mortgages and rent. Let's remember those who put their money where their mouths are during this dire time in our history.

What do you think? Answer the 3 questions, comment under Add ⁄ View Comments below and please share this page to your social media, thank you.

* What types of debt should be considered for forgiveness?
* What best describes your situation during this pandemic crisis?
* What % of debt should be forgiven for your selection above?
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Posted on: 2020-03-22

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