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Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners,

Join our entrepreneur network and reach other small business owners near you. This short article discusses one critical reason why small business owners need to join platforms like our own.

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That one critical reason is monopolies. As a small business owner trying to promote and advertise your business with a small online marketing budget, you probably know first-hand how impossible this task is.

You now have very limited options, either you pay to advertise on Google, Facebook, Bing, Amazon, LinkedIn and a precious few other platforms, or you pay SEO companies to try and leverage these same companies ever changing SEO dictates, or you try to go it alone with marginal results from huge time and energy investment.

It's not hard to see how these monopolies control the virtual market space. SEO is the classic example of how one company's evolving algorithm determines your online success, the bottom line is that unless you pay to play their way, you might as well close shop. There is no such thing as a free market online, this a very unhealthy situation for millions of small businesses trying to gain online traction.

These algorithms can and do turn on a dime, todays SEO success is no guarantee that it will produce the same results tomorrow. We're also led to believe how sophisticated and data driven these AI search algorithms are. Do any simple search and see the huge number of irrelevant and obsolete results that come up, articles from years ago and list results with dead links in them. Do a specific phrase search as another example and see the millions of results - an absolutely meaningless number with only a handful of usually paid for ad results of any relevance. This is what people are paying big bucks for to monopoly preferred partner companies that are 100% in on playing the SEO game.

There are a few alternative, smaller platforms to leverage like our own, however they suffer the same conundrum as everyone else in no pay no play. However, if enough small business owners join and use and share platforms like ours, then together we can negate the dictates handed down to us from these gate keepers of the internet.

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Are you tired of being stifled by monopolies, you are welcome to add your business for free, there are 3 free options and 3 paid options to membership. Please view our basic membership requirements before joining. Let's create a valuable network together and help our local economies thrive without having big brother corporations decide who survives and who dies by controlling our online exposure.

Using our promotional tools is a good start to promoting your business on our platform, the lasting value will be in building new working relationships by networking with other members.

All comments and suggestions are welcome below. View our Entrepreneur Articles on how we support local small business owners.

Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

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