Entrepreneur Network Membership Requirements

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners,

Our mission and sole purpose is to build virtual villages where entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, enterprising individuals and small business owners can authentically network, promote, deal and trade with one another resulting in mutual growth, reciprocity and prosperity.

We do not promote affiliate, MLM, Forex ⁄ Cryptocurrency trading, easy money ⁄ web traffic systems and side hustle type gigs. Unfortunately, too many of them are simply scams that require those that sign up for the package (secret sauce) to then find other suckers to purchase the package in order for them to recover their costs, akin to pyramid schemes. Buyer beware, they are full off outrageous claims and promises of success that only appeal to the naive and greedy.

Our entrepreneur networks membership requirements in order to build a viable small business networking platform that delivers value

There are plenty of digital marketing and social media platforms for small business owners to join and use today. So why would we narrow down our membership options by having some baseline standards for membership and thereby limit our size and appearance of success. The answer is simply integrity.

Below are the basic professional standards we wish our members to practise in order to join and to experience the benefits of networking on our platform.

  • Members should list their primary or sole business and not their side hustle gigs.
  • Members should want to sincerely network with other members.
  • Your business or project should be legitimate and have verifiable contact information.
  • Members should display integrity and professionalism in their marketing efforts.
  • You should keep your posted content current, no outdated offerings or dead links etc.
  • Your social media presence should also be current and accurate for sharing purposes.
  • You are prepared to share the network with your business contacts as this is how all effective networks grow.
  • Reciprocity requires your active involvement, what you put in you get out.
  • Members should always show mutual respect to each other.
  • You enjoy supporting small business whenever you have the opportunity.

If you agree to the goals of the requirements above then you are very welcome to join. If we can build a network where the vast majority of members adhere to the above standards, then we can build a platform that will deliver value to all our members well into the future.

For the reasons above, admin retains the right to deactivate or delete profiles and posts that are spammy, inaccurate and obscure or suspect of being scams. We spend valuable time maintaining a level of professionalism and value in the network, and we expect members to do the same.

You can help champion small business in your local community and partake in the rewards

Digital marketing today requires one to be actively engaged and consistently learning. Simply registering and posting all over the place produces very little real results. Giant platforms just love this mindless activity as it provides them with the justification to sell advertising as the masses visit every day, never mind if they do anything useful for their members or not. We are useful idiots to them, just keep visiting and wasting time on their platform is all they require from us, quantity over quality is their mantra.

Our platform aims in the exact opposite direction, to build a genuinely networking and mutually supportive small business community. Where you know that other members are approachable and looking to sincerely connect with you, and you with them. We are here to help that mechanism work and grow, it's a pleasure helping authentic small businesses grow and prosper.

As small business owners, we should all endeavor to support local small business whenever we can, our communities will be healthier and stronger as a result of our involvement. Any ideas and suggestions to help grow our network or improve our promotional services are welcome in the comments below.

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We appreciate your opinion, take our 3 Question Marketing Survey and how do you Support Small Business Survey. Also view our Entrepreneur Articles on promoting local small business.

Regards, Entrepreneur Map

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