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We are building virtual villages where entrepreneurs, small business owners, solopreneurs and enterprising individuals can market and promote their business or venture. Where they can barter, trade and negotiate in a sincere and respectful manner resulting in mutual growth, reciprocity and prosperity for all.

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We do not intend to compete directly with the giant established media platforms as we are a small, bootstrapping platform without big investment behind us. Keeping it simple and only about business does however give us a unique value offering, you are not buried under a mountain of irrelevant clutter generated from fake accounts and users, fake metrics and stats, bot posts and traffic and auto posting from marketing widgets where no one sees your content or contacts you, maybe this alone is sufficient reason to join our network.

As covered before in our articles, apart from the fakeness flooding major platforms today, there is another troubling trend in media and marketing today. There are literally only a handful of giant corporations who essentially control internet access, traffic flow and interactivity. Their machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms decide exactly who says ⁄ sends what and who hears ⁄ receives what, i.e. they control the flow of information and the access to information.

You are diligently tracked, siloed and force-fed the information that they believe you should consume. This unsettling trend is getting more evident and subtle by the day. This bubble wrap treatment means that you are technically cut off from whole universes of information and people that you will never experience or know and will not even miss as you imagine that you are currently exposed to all the information that there is available out there, when in reality you are couped up in your own tiny insulated internet information bubble.

As a human being and a free responsible agent, these high-tech developments should bother you greatly. As an entrepreneur or small business owner trying to market your business and grow your internet traffic and publicity, these trends are a huge roadblock in your path and directly affect your success and livelihood. You have two options, either pay the gate keepers or spin your wheels trying to get a little online attention.

This is the primary reason for our platform, to help small business owners get internet traffic and publicity without paying an arm and leg for it. However, without your help by using and sharing it, we cannot make any real progress in getting the sufficient internet traction required for the platform to take on a life of its own and for it to go viral. The popular platforms we all know too well spent millions of dollars becoming household names, no wonder they will do anything necessary to keep your attention, control your online behavior and filter your access to information for their own benefit.

There is a lot in the news these days about "wokeness", people becoming "woke" to this, that and the other agenda or threat. There is no bigger threat to us and our civilization than the control of our access to information. We should start to give a darn about these trends, we should wake up and not stand for being treated like a product useful only for our data. How many revelations do we need to see that there is indeed an agenda to control our choices, actions, reactions and way of thinking. All achieved by subtle psychological advertising techniques and consumer conditioning, these are now marketing methods 101 in 2020.

What are the alternatives then? Seek out platforms and services like our own, be authentic in all your dealings and in your demands just as you should be, make the effort to educate yourself and be aware of these invasive and manipulative trends. Support local small business owners and enterprising individuals, they just could be the people you will need to depend on sooner or later. Vote for alternative non-manipulative platforms and people with your viewing and spending habits.

A few good reasons to join our alternative entrepreneur marketing community.

  • We don't track you and manipulate you.
  • We don't collect your data to sell it.
  • We don't waste your time by keeping you busy on our platform.
  • We're not trying to read your mind and determine your actions.
  • We don't abuse the fact that we are a total monopoly.
  • We don't make the scandal headlines every 2 weeks.
  • We don't hype our vanity metrics all day long.
  • We don't have millions of fake users.
  • We're not trying to transform the world into our image.
  • We don't have a political agenda.
  • We don't silo, time out or ban you because you don't conform.
  • We don't carry out sociopolitical experiments on you.

Help counter the Walmart and Amazon effect in your community, be a friend of small is beautiful, niche markets, personal endeavor, authenticity, individualism and the appreciation of being treated like a human being and not just a consumer or product. Support local small business when you can and promote our platform and other services like it by sharing them with like-minded people.

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