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Promote entrepreneurship and boost your business by having your Facebook post pinned on the Facebook group of your choice. Your payment includes Entrepreneur Map membership.

Many of our Facebook Groups are currently archived. If you want to pin in them, we will unarchive them and admin them and share your posts to them.

Use our Facebook groups to expand your market reach. Have your post or your Facebook page pinned at the top of one or more of our curated Facebook groups. Our small business advertising groups are growing daily.

Pin your Facebook group post or page for 30 days

How to pin your Facebook post:

  1. Join the group ⁄ s if you are not already a member.
  2. Post in your selected group ⁄ s.
  3. Choose your selected group ⁄ s below.
  4. Submit the Pinned Post Order Form below.
  5. We will then confirm with you that your group is available and that your post has been pinned.
  6. You can then pay $50 for your first pinned post which includes Entrepreneur Map membership.
  7. An additional pinned post is $20.
  8. If you have pinned before or want multiple pinned posts, then please pay the appropriate amount using our PayPal donation page where you can enter a custom amount.

Note: Rates are for 30 days. These are all curated groups where irrelevant postings and fake users are filtered out. Only Facebook profiles with legitimate business content or business pages can join and post in these groups, this ensures the maximum value in the views of your pinned post. We admin these groups daily and will also share your pinned post to other relevant linked groups.

First come, first served. Thank you for supporting entrepreneurship.

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Please Note: Payments are non refundable as we make no claims or guarantees as to your promotional results.

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View available Facebook groups

Adelaide Small Business
Arizona business networking
Artists & Creatives
Ashbourne Small Business Promotion
Auckland Buy Sell Swap Business
Austin Business Ads
Austin Small Business Promotion
Central Texas Business Ads
Augusta Business Promotion
B2B Advertising
Beauty & Health Direct Sales
Boise Business Promotion
Business Coaches
Business Networking in Wales & England
British Columbia business advertising
California Authors, Writers, Poets...
Charlotte Small Business Advertising
Charlotte, NC Classifieds, Home Sales and...
Charleston Business Advertising
Charleston WV Small Business Advertising
Colorado Springs Free Advertising
Colorado Springs Small Business
Colorado Garage Sale And Small Businesses
Ft Carson and Colorado Springs Small Business
Contractors Using Social Media
Denver Business Promotion
Denver Small Business Promotion
Direct Sales Advertising
Florida Business Owners
Georgia Business Advertising
Gloucester adverts and advice
Green Bay Small Business Advertising
Hamilton New Jersey Small Businesses
Handmade Crafts
Hawaii Business Advertising
Houston Contractors & Small Business
Indianapolis Business Promotion
Indiana Small Business Promotion
Kansas Free Advertising
Kennesaw / Marietta Business Advertising
Kissimmee Small Business Advertising
Las Vegas Small Business Advertising
Liverpool Fitness & Health
London Small Business Advertising
London Small Business
London Business Directory
Longmont Home & Small Business Group
Los Angeles Advertising
Made in America
Made In the USA
Miami Business Advertising and Marketing
Miami Women Entrepreneurs
Moncton's Small Business Advertising
Montreal Business & Home Services
Nashville Business Women
Nebraska Small Business Advertising
East Nebraska Business Advertising
New Jersey Advertising
Shop Local New Jersey
New York Business
North Georgia Business Advertising
West Georgia Business Advertising
Ohio Small Business Promotion
North Oklahoma Buy, Sell, Trade, Business
Oklahoma small business advertising
Oklahoma Business Advertising
Phoenix Business Promotion
Phoenix Advertising
North Phoenix Vendor and Business Promotion
Promote Your Small Business
Quebec Montreal Business Network
Richland & Lexington Counties Small Business Promotion
Rochester NY Small Business Promotion
Sales & Retail Business
San Antonio Free Advertising
Saskatoon Home business's
Small business & Start-ups
Small Business in South Georgia
Solopreneur Advertising
South Africans in Atlanta
South Carolina Business Advertising
South Georgia Small Business
Tampa Bay Business Promotion
USA Small Business Advertising
USA Free Business Advertising
US Small Business Promotion
Vacation Rentals
Vellore Business Promotion
Victoria BC Business Promotion
Waco Small Business Ads
Women Entrepreneurs
Woodstock GA Business Promotion
Wichita Falls Free Advertising

If you would like to sponsor one of our Facebook groups by having your information replacing the groups top banner, contact us to discuss pricing.

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