Fake News in a fake Cyber Bubble

Internet citizens,

Where do you get a fair and balanced view on any given topic today? Where is there one unbiased news source out there in cyberspace.

How the internet has been commandeered by select interest groups and their manipulative agenda

Its a brave new world indeed where you consume fake news and interact with fake users in your own personalized fake lined cyber bubble world. No exaggeration needed.

Consider the average person today, how many hours a day spent scrolling through endless feeds whose content is predominantly fake or staged or made for viral sharing. Advertising leads the way with its dumb'ed down social engineering references no matter what the product or service being sold, the ad often has nothing to do with the product.

Major news channels, both official and alternative that spew out narrow single-minded content tailored for a specific targeted audience and designed to keep tensions high and pet hatreds simmering, and they have the audacity to call it reporting. Not to mention the lowest common denominator junk ads that clutter major news corporations websites.

The only things considered newsworthy are those that can be twisted to suit an agenda and used to provoke people into subscribing to, or reinforcing one or other mindset or worldview, usually referred to as brainwashing. Every second news article becomes all about racism or sexism or social justice hot button issues, keeping these topics ever present and provocative and divisive, bad news sells.

These mainstream media methods are not even subtle, clear battle lines are drawn between conflicting groups and their beloved sacred cows, this conflict mongering is addictive for these fake factories, who can then further feed off the resulting battles that they deliberately nurture. The left and right are encouraged to endlessly bitch at each other like some perverted game.

Real journalists are non-employable by the giant news outlets, they are forced to resort to blogging, vlogging and begging for a living. Put simply, truth is no longer valued by those who wield the information wand, it's all about pushing public opinion into their molds for their end goals.

Alternative channels who attempt old fashioned journalism and truth seeking are bombarded with trolls, disinformation, counter-intelligence dumps and lawsuits. To the point they either go belly up, or are bought out and pivoted to either a for or against bias, or are infiltrated and watered down from within as per the hostile takeover.

Everyone experiences these cyber staples daily:

  • Your online activity is micro tracked and you are fed ads and search results accordingly.
  • The politicization of everything and everybody everywhere all the time.
  • The total obsession with race and sex in the mainstream media.
  • Social justice warriors playing identity politics and virtue signaling.
  • The political correctness police being offended by all things real and imagined.
  • The censure of anything perceived to be counter the mainstream narrative.
  • In your face social agenda pushing and engineering.
  • Same news on all channels that minors on majors and majors on minors.
  • News sound bites lacking any depth or substance.
  • Down-playing or hyping up to divert attention from the real issue.
  • Fear-mongering, warmongering and fake mongering.
  • So called viral news stories that are obviously staged.
  • Sentimental news and events that fit the social agenda.
  • Provocative ads that undermine traditional values.
  • Shallow and manipulative marketing tactics and tricks.
  • Sitcoms designed to dumb us down and keep us superficial.
  • Celebrity worship and gossip, the smuttier the better.
  • News channels that remind you that only a tiny handful of politicians and celebrities really matter in this world, the cult of the elite.
  • The hero worship of select individuals who have done nothing truly heroic.
  • The veneration of billionaires as the new high priest know it all's.
  • Social media platforms that are now intelligence gathering agencies.
  • Being silo'ed, tracked, timed-out, shadow banned and cancelled.
  • Being trapped in virtual echo chambers and filter bubbles.
  • Endless data leaks and fear factoring to justify cyber policing.
  • False statistics, fake users, bot generated vanity metrics.
  • Decreasing access to a wider audience unless you pay a lot for it.
  • Hacking, malware, ransomware, backdoors, scams and spam.
  • Bought website traffic, followers, likes, reposts, comments and reviews.

Like it or not a big slice of your online experience is 100% fake and here is the proof for any skeptics. An excellent and thoroughly researched in depth study covering conjured up fake cyber trends - The Fake News Machine: How Propagandists Abuse the Internet and Manipulate the Public

Lets explain in a short paragraph the dynamics of your custom made fake cyber bubble. The major platforms and networks track your online activity, they form a profile of you that knows more about you than you do yourself as it does not forget, they then feed this data into algorithms that customize your news feeds, your social media feeds and the adverts displayed wherever you browse. You only get what they see fit for your personal consumption and nothing else.

Hello Alexa..., Hey Siri... et al is another insidious way they scoop data about your every thought and aspiration, you are telling big brother everything he needs to know to in order to insert you into a snug little information bubble, have you become comfortably numb. They completely control the information you are privy to, the search results you see, the information that you can access, and the people you can reach. This total control matrix is getting more sophisticated and effective by the day, AI knows no boundaries in this quest.

Do you agree that these trends are a real threat to our freedoms? YES or NO.

The control matrix is so solid and established that one does not even notice it, how ideal is that for these bad players. Some of our internet overlords are motivated by political or social agendas, most are motivated by base human greed. Either way, the fact that we are being manipulated one way or another should really bother us, why is this bad behavior tolerated online when it would never be tolerated offline.

What can one possibly do about this development, most people don't have the time or energy to care about these trends and this is why we have them. With more business and communication happening online, its worth paying close attention to how we are being packaged and traded as cash cow data points by targeting and sophisticated technologies. To our technocrat overlords, a passive audience does not value autonomy and even prefers being treated as owned subjects.

There are many alternative news, information and entertainment sources available considering that there are 800 million active websites. Unfortunately, they are increasingly hard to find and are not as sexy and dynamic as the big players in the space. If you still care about truth, balanced reporting, individual social freedoms, then please seek them out and support them by your browsing and spending habits.

As mentioned above, many originally alternative sources have given up the fight for true autonomy, eventually there will be none left without our support and patronage. Former generations have fought physical wars and died for our basic human rights of freedom of speech, freedom of expression and individual self-determination. Where are those individuals today that are ready to fight in cyberspace for these exact same values.

Get free, the most effective thing you can do is to switch them off or radically reduce the time you spend on such platforms, and also boycott the monopoly corporations sponsoring the fake news outlets, the disinformation peddlers and the celebrity worship entertainment cults.

View Social Engineering Today that covers similar trends.

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