Social Engineering Today

To all fellow human beings,

I'm all for social engineering if it is indeed social and beneficial for the maximum possible percentage of the population. Good things like law and order, family values, a strong middle class and other hard won positive social constructs and contracts are very necessary for a functioning society and civilization. However, today we have an insidious form of social engineering propagated by a tiny club of anti-individualist and anti-traditional PC overlords.

Legitimate Political Correctness has run its course. We now have gross over-reach and personal abuse.

The agenda is to oppose and overthrow all previous societal conventions, especially conservative ones. First cause chaos and then bring a new order out of that chaos, does this ring a bell or raise a red flag? The tactic is as old as the hills, the difference being today is that the means to the end is the internet infrastructure itself, instant and everywhere in its reach and influence.

Today's social agenda has become all too obvious to those with eyes to see and ears to hear with and shoved in our faces everywhere we turn. There is really no need to list the tenants as they make the headlines day after day. I was mistaken to think that political correctness and it's feral offspring would have run their course by now and would be fizzling out. The mainstream media ensures that this is definitely not the case and in fact they have doubled down their efforts and now advertise their intentions universally.

Practically every major corporation, media platform and news channel has now bowed low to the PC overlords and tow the party line to a tee, quite an accomplishment indeed.

Some current online social engineering trends:

  • The politicization of everything and everybody, everywhere and all the time.
  • The total obsession with race and sex in the mainstream media.
  • Social justice warriors playing identity politics and virtue signaling.
  • The political correctness police being offended by all things real and imagined.
  • The censure of anything perceived to be counter the mainstream narrative.
  • The hero worship of select individuals who have done nothing truly heroic.
  • The intentional re-writing of history and the ridicule of any contradictory facts.
  • Same news on all channels that minors on majors and majors on minors.
  • News sound bites lacking any depth or substance.
  • Down-playing or hyping up to divert attention from the real issue.
  • Fearmongering, warmongering and fake news.
  • So called viral news stories that are obviously staged for effect.
  • Sentimental news and events that fit the current social narrative.
  • Provocative adverts that undermine traditional values.
  • Sitcoms designed to dumb us down and keep us superficial.
  • Celebrity worship and gossip, the smuttier the better.
  • Social media platforms that are now intelligence gathering agencies.
  • Being siloed, tracked, timed-out, shadow banned and manipulated online.
  • Becoming aware that you live in a tiny tailor-made information bubble.
  • Ever decreasing access to a larger audience unless you pay for it.
  • Endless data leaks and fear factoring to justify cyber policing.
  • Community policing on platforms to encourage self-censure.
  • Being censored and cancelled by the PC police.
  • Personal histories dredged through for cancelling purposes.
  • Are the above trends what the internet was intended for.

Do you agree that these trends are active everywhere today? YES or NO.

The internet has either been hijacked by an elitist agenda, or its use as a total control matrix was the intention from the start.

One does not need to go too far down the rabbit hole to see that the internet has now become George Orwell's 1984 Big Brother's favorite tool for mass subjugation. No exaggeration either, our lives are increasingly dependent on online services and connectivity. Unless you go 100% off-grid, you are subject to a new way of living, a new world order you could say.

The agenda for total control is not aimed at a more moral humanity or to create a more tolerant and humane world, rather it's about leveraging those worthy causes and the good will of the public for their own selfish ends, which is simply to consolidate power and influence into their own hands and their corporate sponsors, and for this reason alone. The internet connected smart phone is the ideal tool to accomplish this total lock-down of society for the sake of this small power elite, who obviously know what is best for us all and how we should conduct our lives on a day to day basis.

Nothing new here folks, throughout history diverse groups have sought world domination whether politically, economically, ideologically or religeously, it's like a legacy hobby handed down from generation to generation. Initially they need to be subtle in their tactics until they reach a critical mass and can then come out onto the streets and shout their agenda from the rooftops.

Of course much of the PC agenda is good and valid, not all their ideas and intentions are bad, how else do you sell them. However, the end goal of a few bad players is what we need to be concerned about, which is total societal control and not creating a paradise for all. They are already at the stage where if you disagree with them on any hot topic then you must obviously be a bad person. This is not something we should just laugh off as evidently ridiculous, disagree with them in strong terms or differ in world-view and you could even be labeled as racist and supremist or as a nazi in extreme cases, this is a very dangerous and destructive tactic to shut down opposition and one we should all have zero tollerance for.

This is a call to action, stop cooperating and playing along as if nothing is at stake for you

It's critical that sensible people take a stand and be counted as this is a battle over personal self-determination and not some passing fad, here are a few suggestions:

  • Be strong, don't become passive or indifferent to these insidious social trends.
  • Be honest and authentic in your online and offline behavior, lead by example.
  • Be the free responsible agent you were born to be, it will rub off on others.
  • Talk about issues threatening our freedoms, they want them to be taboo.
  • Express your opinions, we are all entitled to have them, not just a select few.
  • Search out and use smaller, simpler platforms and services that don't manipulate you.
  • Find and use alternatives to the "mainstream narrative" sites and services.
  • The herd loves convenience and is hive-minded, be the individual you're meant to be.
  • Support and share services and platforms like ours to help preserve non-conformity and variety.
  • Educate yourself and others as to the direction the social agenda and the IOT is heading, it's not for the general public's benefit.
  • Put your attention and your buying power where it can benefit authentic businesses and individuals that are making a difference.
  • Buy local and boycott PC corporations and institutions whenever possible.
  • Start your own private network for those who share your values and goals.
  • Share this article and our platform with those who value individuality.

For clarity we need repeat that we are not against sensible, peaceful and beneficial social trends and engineering, we are against overreach and the assault on individual freedoms, self-determination and our private lives. We need to firmly say by our words and our actions - get out of our personal space.

My own moderately conservative and counter PC ideal would be to ask all sides and political divides to subscribe to the simple idea of mutual respect. We can agree to differ and have opposite views and passions, let's hold them without trying to ram them down each other's throats, stoking fires will only lead to everyone getting burnt. Let's all be grown-up again, just as our societies have managed to be many times in the past. And we should all send a clear message to the social engineering apparatus and its operators - stop meddling in our lives.

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