Reasons Why Free Promotion Does Not Work

Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Business Owners,

Below are a few good reasons why we no longer do free promotion, but require an investment of a little time or money in order to be promoted.

The free services model with paid upgrades no longer works as before

  • On the whole free resources and services are no longer fully valued or appreciated. The impression it seems is that they must be of little real value in order for them to be free.
  • The internet has spoiled us with endless free information, resources and services. If it can't be shipped in a box, you can find it for free on the internet.
  • The free business model with paid upgrades has become saturated with low quality offerings, spam, fake users and dead accounts and links. It's hard separating the wheat from the chaff.
  • If people pay, they take more care over the finer details and pay closer attention to their businesses image and reputation. They are then much easier to promote and prospective clients will see and appreciate those efforts.
  • If people pay, they are more invested and will spend more time and effort using the tools and networking opportunities provided. Other members are then more likely to reciprocate and engage with them.
  • If you know that other members are willing to invest a little money or time to join, then you know that they are as serious as you are about networking, building their businesses and forging new working relationships.
  • People with legitimate businesses know very well that anything of lasting value involves costs to produce and market, and that true success takes time and investment.
  • Ultimately a paid and invested membership ensures a level of value and professionalism within the network that will benefit all members. It's both give and take, not just take.
  • Simply posting left, right and center and then waiting to see what happens is pointless. Reaching out and authentic engagement is key to winning new clients and customers and to long term success.

Do you AGREE or do you DISAGREE with the above deductions?

There are a few ways to join our network that will hopefully encourage members to be active and open to building ongoing business relationships.

  1. Order one of our Paid Services.
  2. $30 paid membership option is without a Facebook pinned post.
  3. $50 paid membership option is with one 30 day pinned post on the curated Facebook Group of your choice.
  4. $70 paid membership option is with two 30 day pinned posts on the curated Facebook Group of your choice.

All paid membership and service options include -100+ member introductions, the exact number depends on your location and your desired market reach. We also share your social media posts.

Our membership options ensure that only entrepreneurs and small business owners who are seriously endeavoring to promote their principal business will join and add value to the network. We believe that any small business looking to grow will be willing to invest a few dollars or a few minutes in a service that will be providing them with ongoing publicity and business opportunities into the future.

We filter out inactive and inaccurate accounts that reflect badly on the network. We prefer a smaller, nimble and engaged network rather than an overcrowded and indifferent one. It's a pleasure promoting members who add value and are engaged and reciprocate.

As one small business owner to another, hopefully you will see fit to spend a few dollars or a little time and invest in our network for your own sake and for the benefit of other local entrepreneurs. A healthy economy requires reciprocity as in the working village model, join and help local small business flourish again. Together we can counter the Walmart ⁄ Amazon effect in our town or city.

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Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

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