How Free Speech Platforms Keep The Internet Open

soapbox is a platform where you can express your opinions, share your views and ask questions without interference.

It's an open venue for journalists, bloggers, critics, pundits, commentators and everyone who values their own opinion to express themselves without being tracked, monetized, shadow-banned, threatened or cancelled.

Why we need free speech platforms more than ever today. We live in highly regulated information bubbles where we are only fed what is deemed healthy for our cognitive consumption. A few giant corporations decide what information you are privy to and how effectively you can share your own views with others.

This is an unhealthy and dangerous situation for all of us, we are literally corralled by thought police. There are precious few places where you can authentically express yourself and where you still feel like you are heard and accepted and where you get rational and considered responses to your posts.

Do we want to live in a world where everyone has become hive minded clones because they have all been exposed to the same acceptable narratives and influences. soapbox aims to provide everyone with a truly free speech zone in what is an increasingly restricted internet, or more accurately a micro-managed control matrix.

There is an obvious ideological war being waged where practically every mainstream and alternative media channel now subscribes to and pushes the political correctness (PC) agenda. These channels dominate the narratives and want only one thing and that is total control of the infosphere. The PC agenda is no longer about social justice and equal rights, it's about gaining political and economic power over everyone.

The current cancel culture is one good example of how perverted PC has become, there is no humanity or redemption in their tactics. Basically, if you disagree with their take on any subject, you are then obviously a very bad person and the world is better off without you. Just how ridiculous will things get.

History demonstrates what happens when people keep silent in the face of such agendas

Another tried and tested and well employed social engineering tool used on us is to give them bread and circuses. Keep everyone entertained so that they don't think for themselves and definitely don't question anything. Keep them dumbed down with trivia, misinformation, fakeness and shallow sound bites for their amusement and to whittle their time away with.

There are indeed a portion of society that seems to need this kind of treatment to stay in line. However, there is also a sizable portion of society that can think for themselves without becoming public menaces. It's actually the radicals pushing the PC agenda that appear to be the real threat to peaceful society.

If we choose to remain neutral and passive in this ideological war, then we and our posterity must be content to live in the dumbed down information bubbles prescribed for us. The freedom loving opposite action is to vote with your time and attention and resources and support platforms and services that still value individual freedom of expression and association.

We don't have countless dollars to spend on promoting our platform like the giants do, therefore we need the help of freedom loving individuals everywhere to use and share our platform for the sake of keeping alternative options available.

If platforms like ours do not survive, then we will only have access to a very limited set of information bubbles to choose from for our news and media. And the opportunity for anyone to express anything that is not rubber-stamped by the social monitors, will be very limited if at all.

The issue is not just about ones right to express oneself freely, the openness of the internet itself is also at risk. With little opportunities for pushback from joe public, then our internet overlords have carte blanch with determining how much each individual can leverage the internet and all it has to offer them. The social score system in China illustrates this dangerous development perfectly, what starts off as beneficial ends up being authoritarian and oppressive.

Please share soapbox with those who value freedom of expression and keeping the public forum open to all ideas. If you know of useful resources that compliment our ideas, put them in the comments below and we will promote them.

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Regards, Justin Grounds.

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