Free Thinkers Needed

To all who care,

The coronavirus pandemic and it's management by governments and their experts has once again demonstrated the natural impulse of those entrusted with authority to grab at every opportunity that will increase their hold on and reach for power.

The 0.01% know what's best for 99.99% of us

All sensible people know that we need limited government and elected decision makers to a certain extent for society to function. However, history is a long liturgy of how power is grabbed and expanded until breaking points are reached and then the sad cycle begins again via revolution or empire collapse.

Very few authorities acquire a mature and responsible perspective regarding their power and authority, they are immediately addicted to it and will readily abuse their position to gain any self-serving advantage.

The shut-down of economies and resulting pain for millions of small business owners, self-employed individuals and subsistence earners perfectly illustrates the consequences of hasty decisions by authorities seeking to look effective in their governing decisions and motivated by their concern for future electability. Every crisis is that opportunity, firstly how do I leverage it for my own career and legacy and then secondly what is borderline acceptable to those that elected me.

So once again we have the pockets of power with their cronies and sponsoring elitist groups benefitting the most from every political and economic decision made. The mainstream media brain-washing us 24 ⁄ 7 ⁄ 365 that only this tiny group of politicians, technocrats and celebrities really matter in this world, and that we the great unwashed masses should consider ourselves fortunate that they even included us in the stimulus package, and did not only bail out the too big to fail club as was done back in 2008.

Before we further question the authorities actions and their self-serving modus operandi during these testing times, let's remember who put them where they are. I understand that we don't really have any real choice in political elections and the cliché that it doesn't matter who gets elected, the government always gets in is set in stone. And so around and around we go, same old political theatre and we the gullible audience with no voice.

Fact is that if a critical mass of the public really did wake up and got involved in supporting alternative, free-thinking and freedom loving individuals, companies and institutions then we could all enjoy a much saner and balanced situation when SHTF. Fact is also that most people could not be bothered. There are alternative political parties, alternative economic models and lifestyles available, we need to support them to the point where they can make a real and felt difference in the mainstream media and on main street in respect to the local economy and our very livelihoods.

A crisis like this one demonstrates once again man-kinds lack of insight, fragility and general cluelessness in the face of such challenges. All that governments know how to do in these situations is to become reactionary and dictatorial, we can do much better without this kind of knee jerk leadership.

Once this current crisis passes and those in authority start looking for the next crisis or emergency to latch onto to leverage, the local economy and average joe's livlihood will take a long while to fully recover if it ever does. Maybe we should spend some of our recovery time and energy seeking out and supporting alternative options mentioned above so that next time we are not so beaten down by the results of gross mismanagement and panic button actions.

Did you give up trying to make a difference a long time ago?

Do you feel powerless, helpless and hopeless. This is the exact way that the power structures want you to feel every single day. Who am I to know better and what on earth could I possibly do statements loop through your mind like a stuck record. Or maybe you believe that God will fix everything, if not now then in the sweet by and by.

If we continue to subscribe to such thoughts and feelings then we will remain trapped in our own self-defeat, and that is the best condition for us to be in for those who seek authority over our lives and limbs. To them, such people don't deserve freedom and self-determination and actually prefer being submissive even to the extent of tolerating abuse. It's easier to take the abuse than spend the energy and take the risk to be your own person in the face of opposition, much easier to roll over and play dead than stand against tyranny.

Many battles are won without a single drop of blood being shed, a single lion's roar panics a thousand antelope is the way power is wielded. One authority makes an unjustified demand along with a disproportionate punishment threat and the vast majority passively comply without a murmur or question, and just so are hard won freedoms whittled away. What's worse is that they don't back up the few who say no this is wrong and things can be done in a better way. They will also gladly enjoy the freedoms won by those brave free-thinking individuals without ever supporting them during the struggle that won those personal freedoms they now take for granted.

We should encourage and celebrate those natural born leaders and free-thinkers, they are the ones who leave their positive mark on history and make it a better world for future generations. We should seek out these true heroes and champions and get behind them and leave the political circus to play on to themselves and their impressionable lackies.

Being a free responsible agent is always a challenge, it takes effort and insight and requires having your guard up and your eyes wide open. If you are not up to the task yourself, then find and support the free-thinking individuals making a difference wherever and whenever you can. Or start your own private network and support those who share your values.

This article covers more about our alternative network and it's way of negating the manipulative anti-social behavior of monopolies, mainstream media and the giant social networks.

Share your take on these topics, add your comments and observations below.

Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

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