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Lend me your ears,

I've covered the Entrepreneur Map's vision and goals and modus operandi in numerous other articles. In this article I want to reiterate some fundamentals in what I envision for our network and community, hopefuly you approve of these goals.

Much more than just an entrepreneur digital marketing platform

The evolving trends restricting our privacy and individual freedoms, and adversely affecting the small business owner have been discussed in many ways in previous articles, please view them.

This article, and our network is for those who are sick and tired of the endless manipulation and patronizing and policing by the mainstream media giants and their lacky sidekick organizations, news outlets, messaging apps and matrix like web properties. I.e. you are done with being micro-managed, siloed, shut-up and shut-down for diverse and often obscure reasons.

It's easy to find examples of how policing algorithms have penalized innocent posts after plucking out a single trigger word taken out of context. Giant platforms are now far too involved in every aspect of our digital lives, this is not a healthy situation for us.

As the developer and admin of our platform, it has been my aim for authentic free responsible agents to join and support one another in business and in life in a mature, respectful manner leading to reciprocity and mutually beneficial outcomes for all. The ideal is a network where adults behave like adults to the benefit of all. As in a healthy and thriving village model where dictatorial and anti-social behavior was not tolerated or rewarded.

Of course we all make mistakes and step on each other's toes from time to time, however with the right attitude and communication skills these minor bumps can be easily ironed out. The internet today has given us every tool we need to do almost everything we want to do, however it also affords us anonymity and the absence of manners and protocols that we would never get away with in real life. Just like being stuck in traffic, it can bring out the worst in all of us.

To get to the point, in order to build a successful alternative network ⁄ online community ⁄ virtual village, it takes a village of people who recognize the value of such a network and as a result will actively support it and one another whenever and however they can. The mainstream media tells you that its all about number one and all you have to do is take, consume and broadcast your needs. This self-centered behavior allows them to track, profile and monetize you as a data point.

What our alternative network looks like:

  • We don't track you around the internet and manipulate you.
  • We don't collect your data to sell it multiple times.
  • We don't waste your time by keeping you busy on our platform.
  • We're not trying to read your mind and determine your actions.
  • We don't abuse the fact that we are a total monopoly like some platforms.
  • We don't make the privacy scandal headlines every odd week.
  • We don't hype our vanity metrics all day long.
  • We don't have millions of fake users.
  • We're not trying to transform the world into our image.
  • We don't have a political or social agenda.
  • We don't silo, time out or ban you because you don't tow our party line.
  • We don't carry out social, political or marketing experiments on you.
  • We consider you a free responsible agent, not a number or data point.

If you appreciate our vision and ideals, then please join and share our network with those you think share our values. Use our paid services to help cover our costs. These values were commonplace just one generation ago and held by those who really depended on their neighbor for survival, it can become that way again. This current Coronavirus pandemic clearly demonstrates the fragile nature of our society and economy, and the helpless grasping in the dark leadership with conflicting expert opinions on every side.

With authentic networks with real members like our own, people have a much better chance at maintaining their balance and their community than without such a support network to fall back on. Our platform has the tools for building local private networks whose purpose is the mutual support of its members, where they can barter, trade, negotiate and communicate privately and with the confidence that they are not being tracked or manipulated for monetizing purposes.

Join our alternative network and build your virtual village

Add your comments and suggestions below, this is a platform where everyone has a voice. If you have any questions contact us via the home page contact form. Let's build and prosper together in a mutually respectful manner.

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Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

Please note: Our network is for stand-up individuals looking to grow their legitimate principal business, venture, project or community, and who want to authentically engage with others seeking the same. We do not promote affiliate, MLM, easy money systems, forex and cryptocurrency investing and other side hustle type gigs. Too many of them are spammy, pyramid schemes or scams where the business model is to find other suckers to recover your sign-up costs.

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