The All Seeing Eye Of Big Tech

Lend me your ears and a few minutes of your attention,

We are all slowly or quickly becoming more aware and accustomed to being tracked and packaged online. The question is do you care? And what are the negative's considering that there is really no such thing as true privacy anymore.

Should you care about the all seeing eye of the technocrats who rule?

Do you still think that you are a free and responsible agent, who awakens each morning to a whole world of possibilities just waiting to be explored. Does it still feel like that for you every morning.

Of course there are the normal day to day responsibilities for most of us. However, are you aware of the increasing degree to which you are subtly and not so subtly nudged and prompted in this or that direction or decision by the precisely targeted information you've been faithfully and consistantly consuming.

If you are aware of this steady flow of decision-making influences pushed onto your personal feeds, then you also know that it is by design and not by chance or coincidence. It's big tech's task and responsibility to its share-holders to make sure it keeps its competitive advantage by keeping you - the data point and feeder matrix - dependent on them. This is not the stuff of conspiracy, it is simply modern marketing which has no qualms about penetrating your deepest and apparently private psyche.You are owned, or as they say colloquially they own your ass.

Who owns your ass? Take todays tech news headline - Facebook releases couples-only messaging app - well isn't that dandy and convenient. The suckers that use it and there will be a millions will now allow Facebook to monitor their most private conversations and monetize them in more ways than one, you've got to respect Facebooks spunk.

Don't worry folks, fear not, the tech will soon reach right into your dreams or should I say will determine your dreams. No way you object, the mind is easily programed once it is broken down via lazy neglect and then rebuilt in the corporatocracies image - which is - a mindless and passive consumer drone. We're more than half-way there already.

How do you think AI will soon look and behave like? Follow the tech columns and it's no secret that it wants to reach right into the depths of the self and direct its thoughts, impulses and actions. Let's describe that corporate end game again - an obedient consumer that gladly chooses what it is fed much like a zoo animal. 1984 understandably lacked imagination in contrast to what is deemed possible for us within the next few years.

And here's the kicker, most good folk are just waiting in line to get plugged into the matrix. They see it as some brave new utopian world of brotherhood, sisterhood and all other hoods. Knowing human greed and the lust for power, do you really think that our current tech and soon AI overlords have the same goal in mind as we are led to believe. This process happens in increments and not jumps, in jumps if given the right opportunity (or crisis) though, the rate is up to us depending on how many continue to subscribe and use these convenient solitary-confinement gadgets.

Which pill will it be Neo, entertaining convenience or self-determination?

Smart phones are already a lot smarter than we are, they are already in control of our thinking and habits. Your feeds basically tell you what choices you can make and then you obediently make them right on cue. I find myself mindlessly scrolling through YouTube suggestions, often too tired to even think up a new search term. Same thing on Twitter, where can I add a witty or attention-grabbing comment today, or how about adding something useful and intelligent that will garner zero likes or shares. It needs to be something controversial, shocking, stupid, smutty, lurid or crass to get any traction. And so the days go by, and post-modern man makes no real progress but settles for a comfortably numb endless carousel ride until death do us part, no pedantic exaggeration necessary to describe our post-modern existence.

There has never been a time in history where people were less free. One hears of the evil of modern-day slavery and the shock and horror expressed that it still exists and rightly so. May I suggest that you too are a slave, just the updated version who has learnt to be content within your entertainment compound. Tell me when last did you have a truly original thought or idea and wrote it down or shared it, was it not part of a thought chain that started way back and was shaped by other numerous externally fed thoughts, suggestions, actions and ideas. This very article is such a product. This is our normal thought process that big tech seeks to influence and ultimately control - it must appear to be a totally natural process.

There is not enough space in this article to repeat the commonly known facts about advertising and marketing's brain washing and mind controlling mesmerising methods learned first-hand from the CIA and their post Nazi propaganda protagonist mentors, this is old news, we've also come a long way since the Matrix movie introduced us to our future fate. This stuff is no longer science fiction and fantasy, you now hold it in your hand and can and do play an active role. The question is just how aware of the script that you're reading from are you. Notice how keen government and NGO organs are to leverage these apps you interact with for hours on end, the dire need to track this, that and the other for the social good, we can see the evolution of this tactic by observing the Chinese social score regime.

There is also no need to mention the lack of genuine, unbiased journalism and critical thinking in education today. With rigid narrow-gauge news channels spewing their predictable and subscription world view at us. Most effective "alternative" channels have been acquired (bought out) by key players and now serve as co-intel to the mainstream narrative and are tolerated as such to give the illusion of choice and freedom, just like the left and right wing political game foisted on us.

Many "alternative" channels today are only about building their own little kingdoms and attracting ad revenue from the very networks and systems they claim to despise. Their version of "truth seeking" is just a useful tool to that end, these jokers are eventually exposed for the fearmongering and conspiracy pushing frauds they are. Visit some of their websites to digest a dog's breakfast of crappy ads and paranoid backlinks that demonstrate that your views and clicks are all that is required from you. Anyone with any legitimate argument that is counter culture or questions the mainstream or platforms narrative is quickly shut-up and shut-down by a barrage of irrelevant hate and threats.

This state of affairs should alarm anyone who still values individual expression and ideas, and it is enough to discourage any real alternative options from gaining traction, the battle is just not worth it considering that the majority are now apathetic to truth seeking and entirely entertainment orientated and will offer zero support or encouragement to those with different views. People simply could not be bothered, the freedoms that are now being wrestled from us another generation valued and fought for, and what is truth anyway? In the online world everyone has become a mercenary seeking their own advantage, people easily lose their humanity when they logon or plug into the virtual matrix, their collective behavior is the actual subconscious condition of our society today.

Personal integrity is at an all time low, staying a free and responsible agent has always been a challenging thing, history is a circular litany of impingements upon our freedoms and the fight to regain them. Nothing new under the sun, just the same old power plays in updated guise. One should develop a healthy skepticism of all those who wag their chins for a living, take it all with a big pinch of salt.

To sum up, if you venture down apposing rabbit holes regarding any given topic, worldview or social zeitgeist you eventually arrive at the same source - just follow the money, everything has been monetized. To retain your sanity you must think for yourself, keep your emotions in check and your outlook fair and balanced. Find individuals and platforms that still respect personal freedom and time tested values and support them with your browsing and spending habits.

Start your alternative network and build your tribe

This article covers more about our alternative network and it's way of negating the anti-social behaviors of most of the giant media networks.

What is your take on these topics? Please add your comments and suggestions below.

Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

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