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Market Your Small Business

Dear Small Business Owner,

The Entrepreneur Map believes that every small business owner deserves some publicity. Small business is the backbone of our economy, buy local and support your community.

"Join our entrepreneur network and enjoy more promotion!"

The Entrepreneur Map provides business promotion tools to individuals, startups, small business owners, solopreneurs & entrepreneurs everywhere. When you join, we actively promote in your location via social media, and again every time others join in your location. Here are the reasons why you should list your business:

  • Get ongoing publicity for your small business.
  • We personally promote your business, not some algorithm.
  • Real views of your posts, no auto posting or bots.
  • No fake users and therefore no fake metrics.
  • Support local entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • Network with entrepreneurs near you and around the world.
  • Add your Banner and be featured in your location.
  • Add your Specials to attract new clients.
  • Add your Posts and invite members to view them.
  • Allow Reviews to build your business reputation.
  • Add your social media page links for easier sharing.
  • Share your SEO optimized Entrepreneur Profile for further market reach.
  • Have your demo, intro or promotional YouTube video featured.
  • Offer your expertise as one of our Business Resources.
  • Pornography, known scams and spam is promptly removed.
Reach Further

We seek Featured Sponsors who will help grow the scope and reach of our promotional services for the benefit of all our members. Membership and web traffic is growing daily, with sponsorship we can invest more time and marketing effort which will benefit everyone.

All feedback is welcome. If you require further information before joining our entrepreneur network, please email us at Let us know how we can better serve your small business marketing efforts.

"We promote via social media and our network effect"

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Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin