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Dear Small Business Owner,

We believe that every entrepreneur, startup and small business owner deserves some publicity and promotion, after all small business is the backbone of our economy and our community.

The Entrepreneur Map is a location-based online advertising platform for individuals, startups, small business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere. When members join, we promote in their location using social media marketing. Members can network, add their ad banner, specials, YouTube videos, generate reviews, do quick posts and link to their social media pages and more.

Our service aims to help small business owners connect with and support one another. We boost their online marketing efforts by sharing their posts via social media and connecting them with other members who are seeking their products and services.

What makes the Entrepreneur Map different? We don't facilitate automated posting, our members promotional content is personally reviewed and promoted, the more engaged the member is, the more engaged we are in promoting their business and content.

Nowadays more and more social media marketing is automated and performed by bots. In our view, this kind of marketing effort is a waste of time and money. After all, if your social media marketing posts are automated, chances are that many of the clients and customers you are targeting are marketing in the same way. Who is viewing your posts then? Even though we don't have the web traffic of the giant social media sites, the traffic we do have is real and mostly comprised of small business owners, the very audience you are seeking.

Just how many times must Facebook and the other mega sites admit to skewered and faulty (false and possibly fraudulent) paid advertising stats and other compromised data before the public get the real picture. Bad habits are hard to break it would seem, or worse still, the public by and large don't really care about truth and accuracy, false vanity metrics appear to be satisfactory. This is not being synical but simply reporting what keeps being uncovered by industry media and the news.

"Join our entrepreneur network today and enjoy publicity"

Take a closer look at our platform and services, all feedback and constructive criticism is welcome. Any mutually beneficial partnership ideas are also welcome, thank you.

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Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin