About soapbox

What is soapbox

soapbox is a platform where you can express your opinions, share your views or ask questions without interference.

It's a new platform (July 2020), therefore we need your help to get the freedom of expression train rolling again. We will be adding features as we go along or as requested.

Why soapbox

Freedom of expression is being suppressed today. Many news and social media platforms have become narrow and biased in their social and political views and only allow content that fits with their specific agenda.

They are essentially information control matrices used to push a particular agenda where your activity is tracked and micro-managed and your data is sold and you are told what you should think.

soapbox offers everyone a platform to express themselves on without being monitored and patronized. We don't have "clever" algorithms flagging what are often taken out of context words and terms. We are not your thought police.

Who is soapbox for

We are all unique individuals entitled to our own opinions as long as we express them in an adult and respectful manner. We should be able to hold our views without being stifled, threatened, trolled, siloed, shadow-banned, deplatformed or cancelled in any way.

soapbox is a place where everyone can express themselves and discuss controversial topics in a mature way without resorting to personal attacks and animosity.

It's a useful tool if you want to share a relevant blog or resource, or test a concept or an idea out for its effectiveness. Create one using a pseudonym and then share it and email it to those you want to get feedback from.

It's also a venue for investigative and independent journalists, writers, critics, pundits, bloggers and commentators to inform and discuss.

How to use soapbox

No sign up is required to post and therefore you can remain anonymous or use an alias if you choose.

Express yourself on any topic or subject in two ways, either add your own post or share a page and add your comments.

Add a banner image or short video to compliment or illustrate your post. Make it easy for us to share your posts by adding your social media page links. Capture useful feedback by allowing comments.

For extra publicity add a more info link like your website URL or a web, article or blog page that is relative to your post.

You can edit, refresh or delete your posts at any time, an email with your post code will be sent to you for these purposes and to also approve comments.

Note: For privacy reasons, we use your approximate geolocation when you post so that visitors in your location can easily find your posts. The star rating widget only sends the rating score to you for reference purposes and is not visible to the public.

soapbox vision

soapbox is a brand-new information platform, we will be improving it and adding new features as we go along.

We don't have millions to spend on promoting the platform as the giant media networks enjoy, therefore we need the help of freedom loving individuals everywhere to use and share our platform for the sake of keeping a balance in the online information arena.

If platforms like ours do not survive, soon one will only have a very limited set of information bubbles to choose from, and the ability for individuals to express any alternative view than that of the mainstream will be very challenging, if not impossible.

soapbox etiquette
  • Aim to win friends and not to win arguments.
  • Respect that people are entitled to different views and opinions.
  • No one is perfect, we can all learn from one another.
  • Dont foster violence or hatred, nothing positive is achieved.
  • Provoke thought and discussion and not anger and ridicule.
  • Use humor and satire to make your point more digestible.
  • soapbox is not a platform for trolling or defamation.
soapbox definition

An improvised platform used by a self-appointed, spontaneous, or informal orator.

Something that provides an outlet for delivering opinions.

The challenge

All alternative platforms have the same critical challenge - being found. Internet publicity is their number one challenge for survival.

The mainstream media outlets have corporate ad spend and big tech's information grid backing them up. If you dare to have any alternative view point or if you provide a venue for such, you find yourself an internet pariah left to struggle on your own.

Help keep information options alive and share soapbox and other platforms with those who value freedom of expression and who don't want to live in highly regulated information bubbles. Personal freedoms depend on the individual choosing to remain an individual.

View the Express Your Opinions article for more on the motivation behind the soapbox platform.

All questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.