Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Entrepreneur Map free?

Yes it is free

We do however have optional Paid Services available should you wish to contribute and help promote entrepreneurship.

Sharing our free advertising service is another great way to support our members.

You can also Donate and be Featured to help support us.

How secure is my information?

Very secure

We advise our members to only share information that they would normally make publicly available.

What information you do share is only used for the purpose of promoting your business within our network.

We don't ask for any banking details or other sensitive information. Nor do we sell any information. View our Privacy Policy.

What is the main benefit of joining?

Here are a few benefits

  • Free personal promotion of your business or venture.
  • Connect and network with other entrepreneurs.
  • Use our many tools to promote yourself and generate publicity.
  • Enjoy ongoing promotion without having to constantly post.
  • Use your Entrepreneur Profile as a SEO optimized landing page.
  • Share the Entrepreneur Map and attract attention to your profile.
  • The more engaged you are, the more we can share your content.
Can anyone join?

Yes, but with only two conditions

1. Your business, startup, organisation or entrepreneurial venture must be legal.

2. You are willing to network and share, this is the primary way in which our network grows and it benefits all members.

When you join, make sure that all your information is accurate and your links work, then we can more effectively promote your content.

We reserve the right to remove any pornography, scams or inappropriate posts.

How do you make money?

Via our optional paid services

We also welcome sponsors and partners to help grow our network, to fund campaigns and build new features.

Donate and be Featured to help cover our expenses.

What makes you different?

A couple of things to consider

You are personally promoted, the more engaged you are in posting quality content and sharing, the more readily we can promote your information and grow the network.

A growing percentage of Social Media Marketing posting is automated and done by bots. Who is reading those posts? We have real visitors and stats, not vanity metrics.

View our state of Social Media Marketing for small business article.

We enjoy helping legitimate entrepreneurs expand their market reach as small business is the backbone of the economy.

Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome.

We wish you all the best with your business venture.

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