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Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners,

You've visited multiple self-help marketing sites that reveal the secret 12 things to do to be on page one of Google and the 6 guaranteed methods to instantly get huge traffic to your site and so on. They all repeat the same things: Concentrate on SEO and keywords, start a blog or vlog or podcast, be active on social media, create original content, find your niche market, become an over-night expert in your field, make YouTube videos etc.

Barring using the "buy real traffic here" and affiliate marketing sites, the above actions are all valid and important methods to generate more web traffic and should all be implemented in order to have long term success. However, it's now a fulltime job to cover all these bases properly.

How do you get quality traffic to your website without paying for it?

The effective methods mentioned above require you to be either highly tech and web savvy to implement properly, or you need to pay someone to implement and then digitally market them for you, which for a small business is very costly.

The bottom line is that if you are in dire need of more web traffic today, you need to pay for it. Online advertising is expensive and very variable in its results and comes with no guarantees of success. Badly implemented campaigns may give a short-term spike in traffic, but it will harm your Google page rank and the page authority of your website in the long term.

Quality web traffic and not Bitcoin is the real digital gold, it's a highly valuable commodity with super competitive players in the space. The hit to your Google page rank will be hard if you employ the wrong marketing strategy and it will take a long time to recover if your methods trigger the search algorithms in the wrong way. Hacking or gaming the system is very risky today, you really must play according to Googles SEO and page ranking rulebook to succeed.

Like it or not Google controls 90+% of search traffic worldwide, with Bing at about 6% and the rest picking over the remaining crumbs. You can have a well-designed, mobile-first and speedy website with excellent SEO and all original content, but without a well-researched and properly implemented targeted advertising strategy you are not going to get a favorable ROI from your marketing efforts.

If you know all this stuff already, what's new then?

Our methods maybe a little yesteryear, we invite you to join our entrepreneur digital marketing network where you can grow your online publicity and quality web traffic in a organic manner, slowly but surely. Without paying high prices to reputable marketing agencies, there is no magic bullet to instantly boosting your traffic. You need to invest time and energy to network and share with other authentic small business owners just like yourself. Invest a few minutes a day or a couple of hours a week and sooner than later you'll see real results.

Join our digital marketing network and reach further

How has endless posting on social media worked for you? Lasting value takes time and effort and digital marketing is no different. Today's cyber audience has a very short attention span and are very demanding and unforgiving due to limitless choices. In the real world, customers and clients are won one at a time through personal effort and tact, why should it be any different online.

We help you by providing a platform where you can easily network with real business owners, get advice on improving your web properties, promote your business and expand your market reach. The more engaged you are, the more engagement you will receive, let's support one another and prosper together.

When you join you get a custom SEO optimized Entrepreneur Profile page which if linked to from your website and social pages will help attract quality web traffic to your profile and to all your linked web properties.

Use our digital marketing audit tool to gauge your overall digital marketing readiness, improve the SEO of your web properties and as a result get higher page rank and more web traffic.

View our Entrepreneur Articles on our vision to grow local small business.

Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

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