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To all Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners,

List your business on our online business directory and be found in your location, your auto generated Entrepreneur Profile will boost your online publicity and expand your market reach. We're building virtual villages where local entrepreneurs, small business owners and enterprising individuals can network, promote, deal and trade with one another resulting in mutual growth, reciprocity and prosperity for all. Member engagement is key to the network's success.

Add your business and share your Entrepreneur Profile

When you join and use our promotional tools, your Entrepreneur Profile is automatically fleshed out with your business info and offerings. Public facing features such as your banner ad, specials, news, business posts and reviews are viewable and sharable on your Entrepreneur Profile page.

Your Entrepreneur Profile page is a fast loading, mobile first, SEO optimized single page application (SPA), which is a mini website that will attract quality web traffic when shared to your social media pages and linked to from your other web properties.

Its a LinkedIn profile and Facebook business page in one which also has a Google Maps search feature so that you and visitors can discover and connect with entrepreneurs and small business owners in your area. It will help your business and other local small business owners simultaneously.

The more engaged you are on our platform, the more engagement you will get back, we also share your profile and posts as they are updated. You can deactivate or delete your posts or entire profile at any time, you are in control of all your data.

The digital marketing tools we provide for promoting your business online.

  • Be found by entrepreneurs and small business owners in your location.
  • Your Banner Ad is featured first in your location and to new members.
  • Your Specials can easily be shared to your social media pages.
  • Collect useful feedback by allowing comments on your banner ad, news and specials posts.
  • Your Posts invite other members to engage with you and your offerings.
  • Use private Messaging to start building new relationships.
  • Generate Reviews to build your reputation and authority.
  • Visitors can also review your Entrepreneur Profile page to give you helpful feedback.
  • Your social media page links make it easy for the network to share your content.
  • Link to your custom SEO optimized Entrepreneur Profile page for more publicity.
  • Your demo, intro or promotional Video and YouTube can be featured and shared.
  • Create your own Private Network or "virtual village" and support your tribe.
  • Easily send Ask or Offer messages to members with a couple of clicks.
  • Easily post and share Local Promotions, it's free and no sign-up is required.
  • Add your News updates and allow comments to capture feedback and gauge interest.
  • Our network swiftly deletes all spam, scams, pornography and fake users.
  • Our members and numbers are real, what's the point of vanity metrics.
  • No bot or auto posting enabled and no tracking or manipulating algorithms.
  • Get visits from real business owners like yourself.
  • Our network works on the principal of mutual respect and reciprocity.

Our membership is growing steadily via social sharing and our network effect. We don't make empty promises as to your personal marketing results or fake effectiveness by pointing to vanity metrics. Our members are mostly small business owners just like yourself who are looking for the same opportunity to grow in a mutually supportive community.

Do your due diligence in checking on the legitimacy of members and their offerings before engagement, and please let us know if you find any suspect posts or false information on our network.

Join an Online Business Directory that actively promotes you

You are welcome to join for free, there are 3 free options and 3 paid options to membership. Please view our basic membership requirements before joining, their aim is to benefit all our members and create a valuable network.

Using the tools listed above are a good start to promoting your business, the true value will be in forging new working relationships by networking with other members.

Gauge your digital marketing readiness score with our Entrepreneur Digital Marketing Audit tool. It's suggestions will help boost your web properties SEO and Google page rank.

All comments and suggestions are welcome below. View our Entrepreneur Articles on how we support local small business owners.

Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin

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