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Small Business Owners,

We believe that every small business owner deserves more publicity and support from their local community. By sincerely networking, together we can counter the Walmart and Amazon effect in our cities and help preserve our main street small businesses.

Join our entrepreneur network to build and prosper together

Our marketing platform provides promotional tools and networking opportunities for small business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed and enterprising individuals everywhere. Take advantage of our free and paid promotional services to expand your market reach. The more engaged you are, the more engagement and reciprocity you will enjoy.

All we require is that you are open to networking with other members, they are mostly small business owners themselves and are looking for the same marketing and business growth opportunities that you are seeking.

Below are a few good reasons to join and list your small business or venture:

  • Get ongoing publicity for your small business.
  • We personally promote your business, not some algorithm.
  • Real views of your posts, no auto posting or bot traffic.
  • No fake users and therefore no fake metrics.
  • Support local entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • Network with entrepreneurs in your location and around the world.
  • Create a Private Network or "virtual village" and support your tribe.
  • Add your Banner Ad and be predominantly featured in your location.
  • Add your Specials to attract new clients.
  • Add your Posts and invite members to view your offerings.
  • Add your News updates and allow comments to collect feedback.
  • Use Messaging to initiate business building conversations.
  • Allow Reviews to build your online business reputation.
  • Add your social media page links for easier sharing and SEO.
  • Ask a question or send an offer to members with just a couple of clicks.
  • Share and link to your mobile first, SEO optimized Entrepreneur Profile for further market reach.
  • Have your demo, intro or promotional Video or YouTube featured and shared.
  • Offer your expertise as one of our Business Resources and get promoted.
  • Easily post Local Promotions and share them, it's free and no sign-up is required.
  • No clutter, pornography and known scams and spam is promptly removed.

Our membership, web traffic and market reach is growing at a natural rate and in an organic way as it should do. We all know that anything authentic and of lasting value takes time and effort to grow and nurture. Our platform is simple, we don't use manipulative algorithms, cheap marketing gimmicks, vanity metrics or fake it until you make it tactics to appear larger and more dynamic than we actually are. Why so many people and businesses still indulge in these deceptive behaviors only they know, in the end it proves counter productive and damages your reputation.

We promote small business via social media and our network effect

Our platform is for promoting your principal and legitimate business or venture. We welcome all who wish to sincerely network, share and support one another, resulting in mutual growth and prosperity. You don't need to be perfect in any way to join, just authentic and honest.

You probably know first-hand how congested and bogged down the giant marketing platforms have become with low grade content, fake stats and fake profiles. Our platforms goal is to be the exact opposite. The only way those platforms work in your favor is if you pay for trageted ad campaigns, which is fine if you have a large marketing budget.

We do not promote inaccurate or incomplete registrations as they do not add value to the network. We also do not promote affiliate or side hustle type gigs, unfortunately far too many of them are spammy or pyramid schemes and borderline scams. If you've signed on to any of them, you know first-hand what a waste of time and money they are.

Gauge your overall digital marketing readiness with our Entrepreneur Digital Marketing Audit tool.

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Regards, Justin Grounds.
Founder & Admin