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Our goal is to help small business owners and sole proprietors get more online exposure for their businesses. Getting more website traffic is a difficult and costly endeavor for small businesses on a tight marketing budget. Paid online advertising is expensive and the ROI is somewhat debatable as far as vanity metrics are concerned (how many soft confessions do we need from the giant networks as to their numbers "possibly" being "slanted" to get the picture, let alone accounting for the percentage of bot traffic factored into the numbers), only the bigger and more established businesses can afford to regularly use paid advertising and this is primarily to keep their brand in the public eye. The big social network sites lock you into their ecosystems and your promotional posts are quickly lost in the crowd and fall off the page rapidly, engagement is negligible and suspect due to auto-posting bots, and the overall quality of the content posted is poor.

Implementing and maintaining good SEO on your website is also a costly and time consuming task, search engine algorithms change more often than is managable if you do your own website optimization and even SEO experts have a hard time staying on top. The bottom line is that the small business owner who is not tech savvy and has few extra hours and energy to spend promoting themselves, will have a very hard time promoting their business online, any help should be very welcome.

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